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Employment law entails contracts between employers and employees, which are normally controlled by specific legislation.

In the UK, certain laws have been enacted regulating the areas of sex discrimination, disability, health and safety, and employee rights in general.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as where sex or marital status is a genuine occupational qualification (GOQ).

The law protects disabled persons by making it unlawful to discriminate against such persons in the interviewing process and regarding the terms of the offer of employment.

What kinds of work-related situations do you think could result in such a claim for compensation? 4 Elizabeth Adams thinks that the directives will make it easier for employees to file a complaint against an employer. c) Negotiations between the directors of a museum and an artist to determine the conditions of an exhibition.

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The law protects disabled persons by making it unlawful to discriminate against such persons in the interviewing and hiring process and regarding the terms of the offer of employment.What factors do you think might be taken into account when deciding if an adjustment is reasonable? David Cockburn, the former chairman of the Law Society's Employment Law committee, said: 'The whole discrimination industry will take off in the next four or five years because of so much legislation in the pipeline: He said advising employers on how to avoid claims and increased awareness amongst the public of their rights would give rise to more work for solicitors. Cockburn added that the scope of discrimination would also be opened up by a broader definition of indirect discrimination in the directive, which would 'remove any artificial hurdles claimants currently have to cross'. 2 David Cockburn thinks the discrimination industry will expand over the next few years because so many new laws have been passed. Choose the correct definition and make sentences of your own with the legal terms: 1. Department of Labor responsible for the development of plans for training dislocated and unemployed workers. Dismissal with Prejudice a) A racially insensitive court order. Collective Bargaininga) Negotiations between an employer and the representatives of organized employees to determine the conditions of employment. 3 What do you think compensation for (...) injured feelings in paragraph 6 refers to? Match the words to form collocations as they appear in Reading 1. Elizabeth Adams, chair of the Employment Lawyers Association's international committee, said the directives would mean 'more legislation for employers to tackle, more claims and more work for lawyers' as well as a 'simpler route for claimants'. 3 Once passed, EU directives apply immediately to member states. Match these words or phrases from the text (1-4) with their synonyms (a-d). At-will-employmenta) An employment relationship in which either party can terminate the relationship with no liability if there was no express contract for a definite term governing the employment relationship b) High risk work involving extra peril entered into willingly by an employee. b) Termination of an action or claim, barring the plaintiff from prosecuting any further lawsuit on the same claim. b) Negotiations between a lending institution and a borrower to determine the circumstances of the repayment of a loan. It is also unlawful to publish job advertisements, which might be construed as discriminatory.It is unlawful for a person to discriminate against another based on sex or marital status in the hiring process and in respect of the terms and conditions of employment.

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