How radio carbon dating works

It is not to be confused with its older van-like sibling the Reliant Regal, above, which ‘Del Boy’ Trotter drove in Only Fools And Horses. For decades, vintage radio collectors have rated the Grebe Synchrophase MU-1 as one of the best, if not "the best," Battery-operated TRF-Neutrodyne radio receiver from the mid-1920s, with performance that is matched with timeless styling.This article will attempt to catalog as many upgrades as possible with explanations as to their purpose.This article will also assign a chronological order to the upgrades so the Synchrophase owner might be able to date when his radio was built from certain easily observable construction details.Grebe produced a series of ham receivers designated with a "CR" prefix followed by a number to identify the model. Prior to professional commercial broadcasting, 99% of what was on the air was in International Morse.

Although scorned by some the Robin, last made in 1981, proved popular.

Finally, this article will show how I restore the MU-1 receivers, how to balance the neutralizing capacitors and what kind of performance you should expect from your Synchrophase.

As with all of our articles, we try to provide the most detailed and accurate information available.

The new Synchrophase's mechanical superiority was due to the experienced manufacturing ability of the Grebe company. It was one of a few TRF designs that could complete with the Westinghouse-GE-RCA superhet receivers.

Amazingly sensitive and very selective, easy to operate and incredibly good looking - all for 5.

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