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The market’s opinion on these cars, however, is written in the resale values.

If you had purchased two Porsches in a row — a 1998 Carrera 2S for ,000 and a 1999 Carrera 2 for ,000 — and put 50,000 miles on each, you would find that the 1998 car would command an easy K in PCA classifieds, but the 1999 would struggle to fetch K.

The 911 was never intended to last thirty-four years.

The front-engine, water-cooled 928 was supposed to replace the 911 in the Seventies…

Both of these offenses against human decency have occurred many times, incidentally.

I saw brand-new 996s with cracked leather on the seats when the cars were still in dealerships. This was a quiet, flimsy-feeling car that outhandled, outaccelerated, and outbraked the outgoing 993 while never feeling anything like as substantial as said air-cooled predecessor.For most it will create a level of uncertainty toward the future of our current virtual world.I’ve read and heard some people stating they will now stop buying content, stop building, sell their land, etc., wondering what’s the point. Whether you are on the side of keeping SL alive and well or not, this type of action/reaction is the worst you can do for all of us. Think of We are looking for a magic silver bullet to give Oz that can be introduced to SL to make it bigger and better than ever before! Good luck, and in the meantime keep doing as you always do! but it didn’t, so the 911’s lifetime was extended another decade.The costs and inefficiencies of building a car with a Sixties architecture tortured Porsche.

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