Dating in the dark black man

Sarge WP major flaw is that he too has a hard time attracting black women in general due to his patriarchal views.

He has made threats to date interracially due to the broken status of the community and black women not understanding the importance of black male leadership.

According to author Marita Golden, colorism is "the most unacknowledged and unaddressed mental health crisis in communities of color around the world." -- Oprah I have never had an issue with being dark-skin, but as I got older, I began to realize that there are a hell of a lot of people who do.

I have heard from family members, friends, and perfect strangers about their love of lighter skin.

I have never turned down a perfectly beautiful dark-skinned woman solely because of her skin tone.

It's that mixture of not being exactly what people expect so that you stand out and at the same time being just enough so that you are identifiable. It often boils down to the belief that the lighter your skin tone, the prettier you are, smarter you are, more successful you are and the easier you have it.

What is that mirror saying to us when we're looking directly into the face of our every insecurity?

How does our confidence measure up against the images of the accepted standard of beauty we've consumed over the years when they're void of darker hues? I don't give two flying shits about what color you are.

Another bad habit people expect of me and other blerds is to like non-attractive women.

Granted, I stated in other articles some of us are arrogant and expect women to automatically drop their panties because of our education and material gain.

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